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The mission of the Community Foundation Háromszék is to make local people's life better by mobilizing and developing local resources in order to support local and regional initiatives of the community. It makes possible the most reasonable use of available local resources with various schemes, and avoids a long-term development fund for community. Within this mission, we introduce a new way of philanthropy in the region, the responsibility in donor practices. („social venturing =investment on return").

What is the development fund?

The Community Foundation Háromszék will redirect 2-5 % of all donations in a separate fund, and creates a permanent fund (endowment). This fund will be created to assure financial support on long-term basis for local and regional community projects.

How can I start?

A. Like physical person:

  • By offering the 2% of my tax in favor of Community Foundation Háromszék.
  • Within volunteer work
  • By private donation, specific fund contributions (for example: environment fund, cultural fund, talent fund, or a locality fund)

B. Like legal person:

  • By creating an own fund in Community Foundation Háromszék management( optimization of depreciable costs while increasing the efficiency)
  • By thematic fund contributions (by activity or geographical aspect)
  • By supporting direct actions or projects of Community Foundation Háromszék.
  • By mobilization of workers for volunteering for a good case.
  • By promoting the responsibility in donor practices.

The current legislation allows fund development, the Community Foundation Háromszék trying to take an advantage of it, in order to exploit the local money at local level.

Under the above: a sum of 3 ‰ from the company's turnover is deductible from the income tax, but this sum cannot exceed 20% of total income tax. In case of physical persons, 2% of income tax can be redirected to a nonprofit organization. Laws: 571/2003 Tax Law and Law no. 32.

How the invested amount will be utilized?

  • Scholarships for talented children
  • Realization of util projects at local or regional level

- Development of green nursery, with involvement of pre-school community

- Rehabilitation of local mineral water springs, and touristic promotion of them.

- Achieving of volunteer programs ( rehabilitation of the sport hall, cleaning actions etc.)

- Creating local tradition shops and workshops.

  • students' entrepreneurial skills development programs
  • community awareness development ( thematic campaigns like local products promoting, language use etc.)

Bank account: RO38UGBI0000522000273RON Garanti Bank SA. Sf. Gheorghe

Tax Code:27674390




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