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The Comunity Foundation Háromszék was established in 2010 based on local initiatives, trough an ARC (Association for Community Relations) and Environmental Partnership Foundation coordinated nationwide program. It has eleven founders, intellectuals, entrepreneurs and civil society organization represents trough Covasna county. Same organizations are based in Cluj Napoca, Odorheiu Secuiesc and Alba Iulia, and other three foundations are in progress to be legalized in Constanta, Iasi and Cristuru Secuiesc, this last one being a sub-unit of the Odorheiu Secuiesc ‘s Community Foundation, but with his own image. Community Foundations are present in each part of the world. They task is the real financial management, the targeted use of local resources for the benefit of the community. Community Foundations are the highest level instruments of community development.

The mission of the Community Foundation Háromszék is to make local people’s life better by mobilizing and developing local resources in order to support local and regional initiatives of the community. It makes possible the most reasonable use of available local resources with various schemes, and avoids a long-term development fund for community. About scheme variations You can read more in Donations menu.

The Community Foundation Háromszék realize the use of resources in two ways:

  • Flow - funding of community projects.

  • Creating the development fund, this ensures the stability and sustainability of Long-term program support.

The Foundation’s activity is carried out under the rules of full transparency, and is built on trust. You can find more information about our funding in Programs menu.


1. András Nagy Róbert, lawyer - Pro Diversitas Association
2. Bereczki Kinga, teacher - Eurocenter Amőba Ltd.
3. Buksa Levente, IT - KBS Speed, Ltd.
4. Buksa Mihály, engineer - Erpék Ltd.
5. Deák Dávid, engineer - Team Works System Ltd.
6. Ferencz Csaba, engineer  - H-Press Ltd.
7. Fleckhamer Otto, engineer  - Elco Rt.
8. Máthé István, economist, lawyer - MP Agro Ltd.
9. Noda Scurtu György, engineer - Reparatii Autocompres Ltd.
10. Sántha Benjámin - Zsolt, economist - Consic Rt.
11. Tulit Zsombor, IT - Consic Rt.




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